3 Best Fitness Exercises That Are Good for Beginner Boxers

Being a boxing lover and watching the matches on your TV makes you crave getting into the ring. Even if you live in first-world countries like the United States, you may get a chance to watch the live match. Here, get inspired by your favorite athlete is common. But you need a lot more courage to walk on a similar path. Congratulation, you already stepped forward, and that’s why you are here.

But unlike, other combat sports, boxing requires basic equipment to start. You need to buy boxing training gloves, a mouth guard, and headgears. However, you may get worried by watching all those videos where the boxers do workouts. The heavy drills, such as shadowboxing, jumping rope, and etc., make you confused about where to start.

But stay relaxed; as a beginner, you need to start with the more essential basics. By doing fitness exercises that are good for beginner boxers, you can ultimately get a better start. But what are they? Let’s explore further in this blog.

Fitness Exercises That Are Good for Beginner boxers

Being a beginner, it is always hard to examine which exercise is best for yourself. Often the beginners try to follow their ideals that are already experienced. Therefore, this leads to pain that never lets you gain anything. Instead, sometimes beginners experience injuries due to their improper workouts. To avoid ending the journey before even starting, it is necessary to do the right fitness exercise. But what are they?

For the best workouts, you can watch the videos or seek help from a professional trainer. But some basic fitness exercises are good for beginner boxers. After researching, this blog founds the best fitness exercise that is discussed below.

Long Distance Combination

The long-distance combination exercise is done with the help of heavy bags. You need to wear the right gears that include hand wraps and training gloves. Now, stay away from the object/heavy bag you are going to hit. Then throw a quick jab, and wait for the split of the second to throw a jab-cross. Imagine as if there is an opponent in front of you and is trying to counter your attack. Do this repeatedly for five-time.

Power Exercise

Beginner boxers need to increase their punching power to beat the opponent. Therefore, here the best fitness exercise that is good for beginner boxers is the power exercise. You need to get in a proper boxing stance as if you are standing in the ring. Now, you need to throw the punch with the full power on the heavy bag. Once you hit the bag, quickly get your hand back on your cheek.

Now, you need to repeat this for 2 minutes and take a short break. Remember to hit the punches with your full power as if you are ready to knock out your opponent.

Body Uppercuts

Body uppercuts are similar to power exercise, which requires the same power—however, this time, you need to focus on body shots. You need to master the left and right uppercuts in this exercise. To perform this exercise, you need to keep your hands up and do a high guard. Ensure that you are close to the bag and your knees are slightly bent.

Now it’s the right time to throw the combination of powerful right & left uppercut. You need to use bob, weave, and slip punches every time.

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