Boxing Mouthpieces – the Key to Keeping Your Teeth Inside Your Mouth

Getting injured in a boxing match is a pretty normal occurrence. Fortunately most boxing related injuries will heal eventually. But one of the most gruesome and painful experiences that any boxer can go through won’t. Of course I’m talking about your teeth! You don’t want to walk around with a mouth full of jagged chipped teeth simply doing what you love to do, do you? We didn’t think so, which is why we’ve created this guide to help protect those pearly whites!

There’s a reason why competitions require you to wear boxing mouth guards. Those teeth of yours are incredibly delicate and won’t ever grow back! Not to mention that mouth related injuries hurt more than most! It’s so easy to protect your teeth, why would you ever want to sacrifice them?

How boxing mouth guards work-

Mouth guards are typically made of a semi-soft but sturdy plastic material that stays resilient that protects the teeth, lips and even gums! They absorb the force of a blow by spreading the impact over a greater area. If you were to box without any mouth protection, when someone hit you in the mouth your teeth can actually go right through your lips! Besides that, you run the risk of breaking your teeth and damaging your gums.

Buying Your Mouth Guard-

One of the most important aspects of your mouth piece is that it fits correctly. You don’t want your guard irritating your teeth or flopping about while in the middle of a match, well that is unless you like visits to the dentist!

And since most people don’t, manufacturers have came up with a way to make a custom fitting mouth guard without the hassles of going to your expensive dentist. They came up with a basic little kit that you buy to make your very own guard so they fit perfectly on your teeth!

Most kits have you boil water to heat up a plastic like substance. Once the substance is heated, it becomes a liquid gel which you then pour into a mold. Once the gel cools down enough, you put your teeth in it to create a custom tailored fit! Once you’ve done that you put it in a bowl of cold water to preserve the shape.


-Make sure the mouth guard you’re about to buy won’t be too big for your mouth. If it’s too big it’ll impede breathing through your mouth which will get you winded.

-When training breathe through your nose as long as you can, this will get your body used to breathing through your nose while performing demanding tasks like boxing and moving around!

-Be sure to clean your boxing mouth piece after every SINGLE usage! This is extremely important as it will prevent bacteria build up on that all too important piece of equipment.

Now that you know everything there is to know about boxing mouthpieces, you can go out and find the perfect set! Hopefully you won’t have too many test shots and remember, the best way to avoid mouth related injuries is to dodge the punches!

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