Boxing Training at Home – Equipment Essentials

If you’re just getting started with boxing training at home, then it’s time to stock up your collection of boxing equipment. The good news is that with the convenience of online shopping, you can find many different online outlets and stores providing a huge selection of high quality cheap boxing equipment for sale.

Of course it can be difficult to determine which tools and pieces of gear you really need, and which ones won’t be worth the money. You have to start at the beginning and find the most essential items that you should purchase and invest in. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most essential, useful and helpful cheap boxing equipment that you can find online.

Boxing Heavy Bag: It all starts here for your boxing training at home. You can consider a hanging bag, or a free standing punching bag. Both get the job done although they differ in benefits, drawbacks and price.

Punching Bag Gloves: You can’t just hit that nice new bag you have with your bare hands. You need to purchase some punching bag gloves to protect yourself. You’ll also need some boxing hand wraps too. Some popular, high quality brands of boxing gloves include Everlast boxing gloves, Title boxing gloves, Winning boxing gloves, TKO boxing gloves and Cleto Reyes boxing gloves.

Speed Bag Set: Speed bags will help you to train your speed, timing, coordination and arm stamina. You’ll also be working on your accuracy as well. They are a classic piece of boxing training gear, and buying an entire set at once will enable you to easily hang everything without too much of a hassle.

Medicine Balls: A cheap medicine ball can make for a fantastic addition to your boxing training gear. You can perform all kinds of exercises for your core and abdominals, as well as other body parts and muscle groups as well. Medicine balls have been ubiquitous in boxing gyms since their inception.

Boxing Round Timer: While you don’t need one of these for your training in boxing to be successful, having one around can really make things that much easier. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of time, and you can program the timer to have different rounds lengths, warning signals and rest periods.

Mirror: You see mirrors lining the walls of boxing training gyms because they help boxers to see and correct their technique and form. Shadow boxing is an important step in learning how to box, and having a mirror around will allow you to do that, pick up and correct your mistakes and more.

Jump Rope: Another piece of boxing training gear that’s cliché but effective is the jump rope. Boxers are always on their toes in the ring, so for one thing using a jump helps to improve the strength and stamina of your calves and other muscles. You’ll also gain better coordination and timing with your feet and legs. Plus, using a jump rope is a great way to warm up and cool down at the beginning and end of your workout.

Not mentioned above is any of the boxing protective equipment that you would need for sparring and competition. For sparring you would minimally need head gear, a mouth piece, a cup and body protector. But for boxing training at home, you’re likely just working on your own and won’t be sparring.

Of course from there you will find dozens of other interesting pieces of boxing training gear, accessories and so forth that you may be interested in. A sauna sweat suit or a weighted training vest for example can make for a great addition. You’ll have to determine for yourself how serious you are getting with your boxing training at home, and how worthwhile all of these different items and accessories are.

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