Century Bob Torso Training Bag Review – UPDATED 2020

Heavy punching bags are a perfect companion for MMA, boxing and other sports. They not only let you work on your power but also help you improve your cardio and practice techniques. The Century BOB (Body Opponent Bag) Torso Training Bag is one of the best training tools though it is not like other heavy bags. In today Century Bob Torso Training Bag Review, we will present to you all the pros and cons of this bag.

This punching and kicking tool has a unique design that keeps you going even when you don’t have a partner available. In this review, we take a closer look at its features to help you learn more about this product. 

Century Bob Torso Training Bag Review – UPDATED 2020

Read Century Bob Torso Training Bag Review

The Century Bob Torso is a simple yet outstanding idea for a heavy punching bag. What makes this punching bag unique is the human-like design that gives the feel of striking a real opponent. Moreover, it is known as a freestanding bag because it includes a base unit. 


Here are the key features of this product:

● High-quality construction

● Realistic surface around the body and face

● Strong base keeps the bag in position

● Rolling features makes it portable

● Variable height to meet individual needs

Easy to Set Up

The Century Bob Torso Training Bag is pretty simple to set up. You just need to fill the base with sand or water, screw the body and you are done. 

Takes Up Less Space

A free standing bag like Century Bob requires very little space. It comes with a heavy base so that you can use it anywhere. This bag also does not swing from side to side. 

Adjustable Height

The Century Bob Torso bag comes with seven adjustable height settings to suit people with different heights. It can go from 60” to 78”, which is why it is so popular among gym owners. It has the benefit that you can adjust the bag to the height if you know whether you are going to fight with a taller or shorter opponent than you are used to. 


● Multiple height settings

● Can roll easily and is portable 

● Realistic as compared to other bags

● More stable

● Includes lower dimensions for kicks practice


● Only allows a striking head and torso area

● Life-like design might feel uncomfortable to hit

Mannequin Punching Bags – What You Should Know?

 Mannequin Punching Bag

Mannequin punching bags have been quite effective at various aspects of martial arts training. These bags are so popular because they provide a realistic experience that allows newbies to work on their punches. This comes from the ability to approach your opponent from different directions. A lot of these bags come with adjustable weight and height settings to make the training more specific. 

Another benefit of Mannequin punching bags is the practicality. Whether you prefer a dummy bag or freestanding bag, you find them a lot more practical than hanging ones. A dummy bag can be easily tucked and rolled out for daily practice. These human-shaped bags are better suited to practice particular fighting styles. Some martial arts are better performed on man-shaped punching bags than hanging bags. 

Century Bob Training – Getting Started

 Century Bob Training

Century Bob is a realistic punching bag that martial artists use to train their skills at the torso. Bob comes in two sizes – regular and XL and can be easily adjusted according to the height of the artist. One of the most impressive things about Century Bob is that it is really easy to get started with it. Setting up this bag requires no tools. 

The training bag comes as two parts, the body and the base. You should remember to fill the base before attaching the body. You can choose from sand or water to fill the base. Once filled, you can screw the body of the bag into place and lift it up. When you first start kicking the Century Bob, you should not use the full strength. You should, instead, throw some light punches to ensure that you have screwed in tightly and the base provides enough stability. 

Century Bob Instructions

Century Bob Instructions

Here are some of the basic instructions about Century Bob Torso Training bag,

The body of this punching bag lets you implement targeted strikes. You can aim for various areas like collar bone, thighs, spleen, stomach and others. You can also practice different cuts and kicks to various areas like upper cut and then kick. It allows adjusting the height to practice on varying opponent sizes. Consider putting clothes on the Bob to resemble a real opponent and practice techniques. 

This bag is made up of realistic material with dense interior foam so that you feel you are hitting somebody real. You can also implement higher kicks and hits with the upper torso with the original version. 

While using this punching bag, you should see that you don’t kick or hit the back area where there are screws. Moreover, Bob’s head is not so tough so you should be careful while hitting the face. This means the main areas you can work with are the front of the body and parts of the torso and thigh areas. 

Century Bob Vs Heavy Bag – How They Compare?

Century Bob Vs Heavy Bag

Punching bags are available in a wide variety and the key is to select the one that best suits your requirements. The Century Bob has a human-torso styled dummy that is perfect for multiple applications. It is ideal for MMA trainers, kickboxers and martial artists who are looking for improving their speed, accuracy and strength. 

Bob is aimed at martial arts that cannot be practiced on other heavy bags. It is not necessarily designed for boxers. It can also be used for CPR training as the torso can be easily detached from the base. A heavy bag generally fits the training session of boxers but does not always make the most realistic experience. The Century Bob offers a realistic punching experience as compared to a punching bag. It has a head as well as torso so you can practice your kicks well. 

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