React Reflex Ball Review – Best Boxing Reflex Ball

You’ve surely witnessed the incredible reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and leg movements of pro boxers such as Mayweather or Pacquiao, for most of us average enthusiasts, it almost seems superhuman. Still, such reflexes can be developed with practice, often using a reflex ball, such as the React Reflex Ball. 

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding this product, most people even wonder if it helps improve performance, and that’s mainly because there is very little information on the right use and training regimen for this product.

Reflexball – Do Reflex Balls Work?

React Reflex Ball

Reflex Balls are advantageous in the following ways,

Hand-Eye Coordination

In order to get trained through React Reflex balls, you need to keep a sharp eye on the ball, and then punch it simultaneously. This combination is challenging to maintain at first, but as your hand-eye coordination improves, you’ll get a better hang of it.

This ball would put pressure on your brain muscles and train your body and brain together. It will help you adapt the practice of putting your mind and body together.

Enhance Your Body Balance

After learning regular punches on reflex balls, you would need the knowledge of moving your feet in a more coordinated way.

After practicing this footwork, you would be able to defend and attack better. This may take a little time and lots of effort, but this would make you a better player in the field.

Improve Punching Accuracy

The reflex ball moves quickly and that too, in various directions, which makes it difficult to control, and while doing that, the punching accuracy may get affected. 

You may not hit the ball every time it comes to you, but with time your reflexes will get more responsive, and you will see an improvement in your punching accuracy.

Do Away With Flinch Reflex

Flinch reflex refers to a characteristic reflex where a contender may flicker or close his eyes and harden up his body when he sees a punch coming towards his direction.

The primary issue of the flinch reflex is that you lose sight of your objective and open yourself to counter punches, debilitate your protection, and that’s just the beginning. 

There is a good approach a player can use to work through this. With the help of a reflex ball, you will be able to get rid of your flinch reflex as it attacks you back, and you need to dodge that. This would aid your reflex movement more.

Improve Arm Stamina

In boxing, especially arm stamina is essential. Reflex ball trains your arms along with footwork. You will need to practice blocking, dodging and blocking through this ball. Apart from this, this would also increase your heart rate, and with time, your overall stamina will witness an improvement.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Reflex Ball?

Before buying a reflex ball, you must take care that the headband fits you well and is neither too loose nor tight, as it would restrict your easy movement and will put a strain on your head muscles. Choose an adjustable headband so that you could adjust it accordingly, and it could be used by you as well as others. 

The intense yet stretchy elastic band makes the ball bounce back at the person. The headband should be tough, but it should not come in the way of the person using the ball. The ball is made up of elastic or delicate material. It should fit inside the client’s hand span so that it can be moved or controlled easily. 

Best Boxing Reflex Balls – UPDATED 2020

With so many types of reflex balls available in the market, it can be quite confusing to find the right fit. No one can identify the product that’s best suited for you, that entirely depends on your style of practice, but we can make things easier by shortlisting the best ones. You may choose any one of them as per your convenience and availability in your geographic region.

1. Rival Reflex Ball


If you are looking for the best reflex ball then, your search might end right here, because the Rival Reflex Ball is undoubtedly extraordinary. It is the best tool to improve hand-eye coordination and punching accuracy. 

This ball comes in a set of two with different elastic tension. It also consists of an adjustable elastic headband and solid metal clip. In this ball set, a Velcro ties down the elastic band to the head, and afterward, a sturdy solid metal clip appends the polyester string and ball to the headband. 

This secures the ball and makes the movement of the ball as well as your arms very flexible. This would definitely improve your arm stamina, and your workouts would be super-fun to do.

2. American Fist

Best Boxing Reflex Ball

This ball is simple to use and comfortable to play with. It comes with four types of balls with various stages of difficulty. It has an adjustable head strap that will fit you well. 

This is a premium reflex ball set and hence, will also include protective wraps for your hand and a bag to keep the ball safe and secure. However, this would be on an expensive side. So, if you are buying a reflex ball for just a fun activity or do not want to use it for a long time, this would be a pricey option.

3. Spanla

Do Reflex Balls Work

This ball set includes three balls for various difficulty levels. Beginners can play with the black ball, a red ball can be used for intermediate levels, and green or yellow ball is for the highest level players. It also includes a bag to keep the ball safe.


Rival Reflex Ball

This set includes two balls for different levels. The black one would be for beginners and the red one for the experts. It also includes an adjustable headband that will fit well for most sizes and variances.

The TEKXYZ is one of the most popular brands in this niche, despite being a startup firm with relatively less time on the field. If you like the product, brand and functionality, you should definitely give this a try.



This reflex ball set includes two balls, out of which one is like a furball that won’t hurt you even if it hits you hard. However, certain buyers claim that the headband is not of good quality, and breaks fairly easily, so it’s best to stay clear of this one.

A Reflex would make a great addition to your workout kit; not only is it effective and efficient, it’s also fun to use and can help make your practice sessions fun and interactive.

This is especially good for kids who are just beginning to work on their coordination and reflexes. Starting early with such products is proven to show amazing results. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your requirements, and if possible, try before you buy.


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