Understanding the Punches in Boxing

If you are a genuine boxing fan, you should already have an idea on what the basic punches in boxing are; but since the Sweet Science has become vastly popular over the past few years due to the emergence of great fighters like Manny Pacquiao, the Klitschko brothers, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., among other exciting and talented pugilists, legions of new followers fell in love with the sport. It is important to educate these contemporary boxing fans so they would love the sport of pugilism even more and continue to support it for generations to come.


The most important weapon in boxing is the punch and there are a only few types to learn so this is a good concept for the new boxing enthusiasts to understand and fathom. Besides, it is better to discuss boxing with other people if you know exactly what you’re talking about, particularly the knockout punch, the killer combinations, the confusing tactics used by the fighters you’re delineating.

There are four basic punches in boxing: jab, hook, straight, and uppercut. They are identified as follows:

Jab. This punch is a swift hard nudge thrown by a fighter to keep his opponent at bay. Fighters with a longer reach benefit tremendously from the jab, especially if they are fighting a relentless aggressor in the ring. Erik Morales used the jab effectively against Manny Pacquiao in their first encounter in March 2005, and earned him a unanimous decision victory over the Pac-Man, who is considered today as the world’s number one pound for pound fighter in the world.

Hook. This punch is thrown at a short distance with a bent arm and it causes serious damage, especially when the fighter who got hit is out of balance. The hook is also a great weapon to add to any fighter’s repertoire. Mike Tyson used to annihilate his bigger opponents with this devastating punch.

Straight. This punch is perhaps the most used weapon in boxing because it is basically the easiest one to throw, particularly if the opponent is standing in front of the puncher and has no head movement at all. It is best to land a straight punch when the foe is on the retreat, causing him to lose balance and become vulnerable for additional punch combination. This is Manny Pacquiao’s lethal weapon: the murderous left straight.

Uppercut. This devastating punch comes from underneath and the goal is to land it squarely on the chin, but it can also be landed on the body. If thrown properly, it could end the bout abruptly. One of the most feared fighters with a notorious uppercut is Earnie Shavers. He destroyed Ken Norton and Jimmy Ellis both in the first round with his vicious uppercuts.

Now that you have learned about the four basic punches that fighters use in boxing, go ahead and share your knowledge. Vividly share your favorite boxing matches with your friends with your newly-discovered boxing wisdom. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to demonstrate your own boxing skills. Just don’t land that straight and uppercut on anybody. Have fun with boxing, everybody!

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