Winning Boxing Gloves 2020 Reviews and Ratings

A lot of people think that boxing is all about just throwing better punches and knocking out your opponent. But, they’re wrong. There are a lot of people who actually love this sport, and many people have widely started appreciating it. But, if you are planning to be a professional boxer, then you surely need a pair of winning boxing gloves.

There is lots more depth in boxing, then one might think. There are strict rules to be followed, and every boxer should be wearing suitable boxing gloves for theirs and the safety of their opponents. Headgear, shoes, and boxing gloves are the leading equipment that a boxer needs to start dipping their toes into professional boxing. But, in my opinion, one of the most essential pieces of equipment in boxing is boxing gloves.

Winning Boxing Gloves, What it is?

If you would want to know the short answer, the winning boxing gloves are one of the best training gloves out there. They’re made with patience and craftsmanship. Both from the company, as well as the workers who’re working on these gloves. Namely, Winning is a professional fighting gear company, and the stuff that they create are created with the utmost quality and precision. You can find various fighting accessories made by them, such as headgear, teeth guards, boxing gloves, and many more things!

Since they are so focused on quality, their boxing gear has to pass a set of pretty strict quality inspections. And, their gear is made to last. After all, you can see that they win at everything they do just by their name!

These fantastic gloves are crafted for some of the best materials out there. They are amazingly comfortable to wear and allow for remarkable precision when fighting. Crafted in Japan, these gloves have to pass the tests of a couple of experts for quality who make sure that there aren’t mistakes that could compromise quality and comfort that these gloves are known for.

Here are our choices for the best Winning Boxing Gloves in 2020

1. Winning Boxing Gloves 16oz MS 600B

These are the best overall winning gloves, according to us!

Winning Boxing Gloves 16oz MS 600B

The 16Oz MS600B pair of Winning gloves are one of the overall best Winning gloves! Ache and every one of you professional boxers out there should all have at least one pair of these OGs. They offer great comfort because of the high-density foam included inside. And, because of that, many boxers refer to them as pillows.

They offer amazing protection, so you can train the whole day with these gloves if you would like to, and we assure you that you will never feel any pain or soreness in your hands because of the fact that they contain this high-density foam inside. This is also the main reason why the 16oz boxing gloves are a great option if you are going with a contact sparring. They will surely protect your partner as well as your hands.

You can get these gloves only in the 16oz size, but you can choose from a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, or orange!

The MS600B is a great option because of the many pros that come with buying them. Anti-thumbing style, their amazing durability, the fact that they are designed from premium horsehair and leather, and their Hook-and-loop strap is fantastic!

Some of their cons include stuff such as the fact that you’re paying a lot of money for the branding and the fact that the 16oz option is not good for big hands.

2. MS500B – 14oz Gloves from Winning

These are the best Winning Training Boxing Gloves

Winning Boxing Gloves 14oz - MS500B

The 14oz MS500Bs from Winning are a great option if you are going with a pad or a bag workout. And, as always, you don’t need to worry about protection if you go with Winning. They make great protective gloves using padding cushions – A Japanese technique that’s great both for boxers and for companies.

If you have suffered an injury in the pas on your hands, or have really sensitive hands, then these gloves are a great choice for you to have in mind. When you compare these gloves to other gloves from 16oz and 12oz category, you will notice that these gloves have significantly more padding. You can wear these gloves if you have long and skinny wrists, but they won’t suit you if you have small wrists.

This pair of gloves are only available in the 14oz size, and you can only choose from two color option. You can only pick a blue or a white pair of these.

They sport the amazing hook and loop strap of the previous pair of boxing gloves. They, too, are made from quality leather. But, this pair boasts a fantastic shock absorption technology. The MS600Bs also have lots of soft padding, which improves the shock absorption even more!

The only drawback of these gloves, and maybe the reason that a lot of boxers aren’t getting them is the fact that they’re very expensive!

3. Winning 8oz Gloves – MS200

Best Professional Winning Gloves 

Winning 8oz Gloves - MS200

These 8oz pair of gloves is developed and designed in Japan. Their model name is MS200, Created by Winning, you surely get some protection on your knuckles. But, if you’re a professional boxer, then surely you’re trying to take them for training. They are best for 140lber bag and mitt work.

The pads on the MS200s are designed so that they can absorb the knuckle impact. Also, they’re pretty lightweight and are pretty easy to navigate in. These gloves are really popular amongst professional boxers simply because of their amazing anti-thumbing technology. They picked the MS200 always before stiff leather gloves because of their soft leather paddings, which is great for smaller and more curved thumb fits.

The only size that these gloves are available in the 8oz size, but you can get them in multiple colors, including black, red, and blue.

The MS200s boast an amazing leather quality, a soft nylon liner as well as a good anti-thumbing style. They also sport pretty good hand protection, but the fact that they’re rarely available takes out a lot of these gloves.

4. MS500 – 14oz Gloves from Winning 

Best flagship Model from Winning

14oz Winning Boxing Gloves MS500

This is one of the best models of boxing gloves that you could ever possess. By getting these 14oz gloves, you will get a comfortable and pretty snug fit (I mean with their price, you would at least expect that).

Winning got it right with these gloves when it comes to the balance between grip and weight. This makes these gloves pretty easy to use and allows amazing comfort in pretty demanding situations. I mean, if you are a professional boxer and have the cash to splash on these bad boys, then they’re a go for us!

They’re available only in a 14oz size, and you can get them in a variety of colors, including blue, black, orange, and white.

Amazing grip, they also sport amazing paddings, which provides great hand protection. The only drawback of these gloves is that they’re pretty pricy and can get bulky for lots of people!

5. MS 300 – 10oz Gloves from Winning

A Good Ergonomic Option

10oz - MS 300

There aren’t a lot of professionals out there who’re using the 8oz or 10oz size. But the 10oz option comes with some pretty neat features.

The great ergonomics, the adequate protection, and their design make the 10oz size the first option that some fighters go for. Manny Pacquiao is one of these fighters. Usually, you won’t get a lot of protection with 10oz gloves, but with every rule, there’s an exception. And these gloves are the exception to this rule!

You can only get them in the 10oz size, and there are only two color options. You can either get the red or blue option.

They boast the best quality for a 10oz option and the fact that they are made in Japan, and their great anti-thumbing style makes it a great option. The fact that they are pretty pricy is the only drawback for them.

Why is Winning a Good Option for You?

Why is Winning a Good Option for You

According to us, these are the best choices out there if you want to go out and spar with your partner. And they’re not only a good option for sparring, but they can also be used in the ring in a great training session.

These gloves are extremely durable! You will find out with time, that no matter how hard you’re hitting, or for how long, they actually don’t get worn out. They might be pretty pricey for your liking, but when you’re trying to get the best quality, you need to pay a bit more.

There are tons of amazing features that we haven’t even mentioned in our reviews. Features such as good ventilation will make sure that you won’t feel any soreness or sweatiness no matter how many punches you throw and how hard the punches are.

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