Your Ultimate Guide for Buying Kids Boxing Gloves in 2020

Boxing is a fantastic game to introduce your kid at an early age if you want them to succeed in the game when they grow up. Well, not only in the game but also in life with more control, will power, and perception. However, it is essential to provide them with the right gear to get these great benefits from the game. During the past few years, there have been several new brands that come up in the kids’ boxing gloves market. 

Maybe you were playing boxing decades back with an effortless pair of gloves, yet you are not updated with the latest brands. Most of the time, parents are a bit confused about choosing to buy kids boxing gloves. Concerning all those inquiries you have in your mind, here we are giving you the ultimate guide to kids boxing gloves in 2020.

What to consider when buying the best kids boxing gloves?

Kids Boxing Gloves

Well, it is not an easy job to find the best pair of boxing gloves for your kid. So it would help if you focused on a few things before you buy as it is essential to give the best out of hundreds in the market. First, you need to understand the sizing of boxing gloves to get a more comfortable pair and must have the hand straps. With the right size of the gloves, your kid can easily make a fist for powerful shots.

What size boxing gloves should I get? 

It is essential to get the right size of the gloves, to have a good time in the gym or even in the ring. If you don’t go for proper sizing when buying the gloves, there are chances that your kid gets hurt while punching. If you are new to the game of boxing, make sure that you understand the size of your hands does not measure the sizing of gloves. They go as the weight, mostly between 8 – 16 ounces for kids. So you can select by the weight, always get the feedback from your kid about the fitting, and if the gloves are not good enough with their techniques.

However, with the purpose of gloves, you may need to get different weights. If you are looking for heavy bag training gloves, those are a lot heavier than shadow boxing gloves. With thicker material, gloves have more protection for the knuckles when using for heavy bag punching. But on the other side, it can slow down the movements and has a risk of injuries in sparring. In doubt, check with the trainer to select what is the correct size of the gloves your kid needs to wear.

Wrist Support is also an essential thing to concern!

A suitable closing mechanism has to be there for the right wrist support in any pair of gloves. In new gloves, a strap of Velcro is an ideal way to adjust the tightness of the closing mechanism. Since a tighter fit can make you uncomfortable, you need to pay additional attention to this when buying a new pair of gloves.

Material, Colour, and Design?

You could find boxing gloves in different materials in the market, such as synthetic fiber, Vinyl, and original leather. For a beginner level player, Vinyl is a good start. However, it is not very comfortable to wear with less ventilation for your kid. So We can’t recommend those for a competition or heavy bag training but good to have a start in the game.

If you look back at history, all the gloves made with leather as they had no synthetic material to find those days. And as a durable material, which is flexible and stretchable, leather is the best material for any kids’ boxing gloves. However, if it is too expensive for you, always go for synthetic leather gloves. It is almost the same as the genuine leather, and your kid will get excellent support for the game.

Bright red is the most available color for boxing gloves in the market. Is that for a reason? Yes, the color red seeps aggression and confidence in motion. And also, the human eye doesn’t react for red as much quicker as for any other colors. So there is a low visual impact, especially during a competition. But if you are looking for training gloves, go for lighter colors such as white, yellow and Orange. That is easy for the trainer to see the movement and punches if the gloves are in a bright color. So he can address if there is something to be improved in techniques.

What are the best kids boxing gloves in the market for 2020?

After doing excellent internet research and getting feedback from different trainers and parents, we are right here with the best kids boxing gloves in the market. We had the facts mentioned above in our mind when selecting the best products, so here we go with our list.

Best Boxing Gloves For Kids

Best Boxing Gloves For Kids

 Venum Youth Boxing Gloves

Venum, our first pick as the best kids gloves, has a great potential behind the brand name. As the name says it all, these gloves are sturdy, and your kid will make mighty punches with exceptional support to the wrist. A full and robust closure of Velcro has a tight strap to give the best wrist support for your kid. Also, the advanced material of foam fills the knuckles as a thick layer to prevent injuries. These gloves are semi-leather, which is more like genuine leather and has a reinforced palm for maximum absorption. If you are looking to buy boxing gloves for teenage kids, Venum has the best gloves for teenagers as well.

Everlast Youth Boxing Gloves

Everlast is a premium brand for kids boxing gloves in the market for about 100 years. In their kids’ range, they have got great stuff with high flexibility for your kid with proper foam layers. Also with good aeration through the layers, which makes the gloves to be comfortable for wearing long hours. As this pair of gloves have excellent wrist support, it allows the natural movements to be in the strong punches with the correct techniques. Given the brand name, those are reasonably priced and worth the money with better protection for your kid.

Luniquz Junior Boxing Gloves

With Luniquz Junior, your kid can have the best training sessions with their amazing gloves with best foam padding. Also, the design that has a fire hot look will give your kid self-confidence over any obstacle in the game. The thick padding layer is known as one of the best features for boxing gloves, especially for kids. With this additional protection, your kid is safe from harsh punches to heavy bags. On the other hand, their opponent is also safe from the sharp shots. Mostly the opponent is also a kid, so no more hard feelings among the kids during the training sessions.

When bearing in mind the features of the gloves, it is a bit more than the usual market price. However, for the additional support and safety these gloves provide, it is all worth the money.

Sanabul Essential GEL Gloves

Sanabul is a pioneer in the market for sports items and clothing as a reputed brand over the decades. Their Junior boxing gloves are known as the best for teenagers as they fit all age groups. Not like other brands in the market, little kids boxing gloves are also available in the same brand so that you can choose from a wide variety. Not just gloves, they have a great selection of youth boxing shorts as well.

This glove is made with high-quality leather, and the palm area is covered in a mesh for freshening. Since the young kids can get sweaty due to the hormonal changes in the body, these are the best to avoid Bacteria growth. These gloves have good airflow, no more sweaty palms, or space for bacteria to grow. As they use premium material, Sanabul gloves are highly durable and worth for what you pay.

RDX Elite Kids Gloves 

RDX has the best gloves for serious training sessions for your teenage kids. As these gloves made with high-quality cow leather, strong punches are not easy for an opponent. Even if your kid is throwing wrong punches at the beginning, the T-lock feature helps to save the thumb from injuries. However, the essential element of this pair of gloves is gel lined knuckle. No matter how hard the punches are, if your kid is wearing a pair of RDX Elite Kids Gloves, he or she is safe from knuckle injuries. These gloves are also great for heavy bag punching, and gel lines take up the shock from knuckles.

Also, in the palm, there are additional layers of form engrossing shock to give better wrist support for your kid. With the mesh material, there is proper ventilation to keep the palm cool during the sessions. Even this was the latest updated product from RDX, and they have not updated prices for the newest version. Since then, it is worth the money you pay for a good pair of gloves.

Cheerwing Youth Boxing Gloves

Cheerwing youth gloves are great for kids aged 5 to 12, with bright colors and sleek design. These super comfortable gloves have great support on the wrist with adjustable straps. Since it is made with high-quality leather, you can let your kid grow in the gloves for years. Inside the palm area, EVA foam is doing a great job by giving the best shock inclusion for your kid. You can choose from 4 colors, Black, Blue, Red, and Pink with a cute anime on the gloves that kids love to wear. 

What are the cheap kids boxing gloves?

The price of a pair of boxing gloves is determined by several facts, such as material, design, and brand name. If the material is not a quality one, you can buy it for a less price than a genuine leather one. However, there are some great boxing gloves made with inexpensive material like Vinyl. If you have an idea to buy something great with high durability and pay a reasonable amount, Title boxing gloves are the best!

The Title boxing gloves have a pre-formed curve fit with a hardcover to suck up shocks. Not like other boxing gloves, in this, you will find a hook-and-loop closure in the wrist wrap. So your kid will have a good fit and comfortable punch with an additional layer of foam.

Can I select kids boxing gloves and punching bag at once?

kids boxing gloves and punching bag

Why not? If you re looking for kids boxing gloves and bags to buy at once, it is essential to know to the purpose of the gloves. So if your kid is new to the game and needs to buy a punching bag, you can decide it at once. In that case, you need to buy Lightweight Bag Gloves instead of ordinary boxing gloves. Since the bag gloves are meant to punch bags, you need to find gloves with some unique features. To keep the high safety for your kid’s hand, it has to have a thicker foam in the palm. And also excellent support to the wrist to absorb the shock from the punching bag.

Since we would love to help you on this matter as well, here is our top pick for lightweight bag hitting gloves.

Venum Challenger 2.0 – Bestseller

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Venum is a reputed brand with a high-quality gloves range. They sell bigger gloves with better quality for all age groups, including teenagers as well. In their bag hitting gloves, they have an additional foam to give better shock absorption when punching heavy bags. Even it is a bit overpriced than healthy kids boxing gloves, and when compared to the quality of the bag hitting gloves, you will not regret buying that. 

In conclusion, we would love to tell you that do your research again, if you are in doubt. Its always good to check with the trainer and other parents when you need to know more about that. It is great to hear that you commit yourself to buy the best pair of boxing gloves for your kid. 


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